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Leave me a Comment!

HELLO to all of you whom we met through this walking bubble (my inflatable suit). Please leave me comments about your experience with the inflatable suit or out encounter in general and/or your name and school/work (whichever is more appropriate) or email/website – a contact that we can keep in touch!and send me a picture if you have it on your camera.

It has been a great pleasure to meet you all through the project (U.P.). Our exchange in conversation about the suit and the experience of introducing to you my ambition about air and pressure has been invaluable!

Your comments and feedback is an integral part of this project.

SO drop me a line! and tell me how you feel!

You can find updates, research, essay, next intervention, etc. everything about this project at this blog! I hope we will meet again! and don’t be shy to say hi if you see me around!

Yours – Truly – Under – Pressure,

Sally Lee

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U.P. #3 – 10 june 2011 – Old Port with Alex Page and Jaimie Robson

Special guests: Alex Pagé and Jaimie Robson

Photos by: Alex Pagé, Jaimie Robson and myself

Filtered double/bubble


Thank You to all participants who have made yourself part of ‘Under Pressure’

Thank You to all who are interested to learn more about the project

Thank You to all who stopped and watched and talked

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U.P. # 2 – 22 may 2011 – Mile End – with Léa Jeanmougin

Special Guest: Léa Jeanmougin

Participants: Shinobu Akimoto, Eloisa Aquino, Dac Chartrand, Matt Evans, Shie Kasai,  Jenny Lin, Sonia Sangha

Photos: Dac, Shie and Sonia

may 22, Sunday, with Léa

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U.P. # 2 – Studio Beluga fundraiser – 21 may 2011

Thanks to : Quinn Bullard-Barnes, Jean Gagnon, Dr. Alice M.W. Jim, and Studio Beluga (Jessa Alston-O’Connor, Stephanie D’Amico, Natalia Lebedinskaia, and Svea Vikander)

And thank you for taking pictures for me : Alice and Jean

Inflater : Jean and Quinn

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Photos from U.P. #2 on 21 may 2011 Saturday

Guest: Emilie Claire

Participants: Gisele Amantea, Sarah Barr, Owen McSwiney, Laurie Milner, Melanie Perreault, Constanza Silva and Sandra Volny

Thanks to Sarah and Owen for taking the pictures!

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21 may 2011 – U.P. Performance #2

U.P. Performnce #2

I have the honor to present a very special guest, Emilie Claire, to perform with me tomorrow!

Schedule – 21 may 2011, Saturday

You will find the schedule of the performance here. Emilie and I will be moving around in the area. The performance will start at 2pm sharp but if you come late or would like to join us half-way, you can try to track us down as follow:

2pm – gather at the junction of ave de Gaspe & St Viateur

Performance will take place at Le Champ des Possibles – the open area beside the train tracks, in between the studio buildings.

If you cannot be there at 2pm, you may find us:

2:20pmwalking south on ave de Gaspe

2:30pm – arrive at the park/playground at the junction of ave de Gaspe & Fairmont

2:30-3pm – at the park/playground

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21-22 may 2011 – Mile end

Location: / Avenue de Gaspé / Saint Viateur / Montreal /

Time: 2:00-3:00pm

Date: 21 may 2011 (Saturday) & 22 may 2011 (Sunday)

I will be wearing my inflatable suit at this time and place. Hope to see you there! and it begins…

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